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Biden's War

Like all Americans, I am profoundly disturbed by the events in Afghanistan this week. As a soldier, I feel deserted, lied to, and ashamed. This overwhelming emotion is due to President Biden’s careless and reckless decisions in regards to the withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan. I lost friends and fellow service members while serving in the Middle East. To anyone who says ‘we lost another war,’ I say to them, shame on you, shame on you. To my brothers and sisters who stood beside me watching each others’ backs in the dark, in the smoke, in the heat of battle, I say: you are my heroes, you are my family. You are what makes America great and you won that war. It was President Biden and the other Democratic politicians who gave up on the Afghanis and chose to abandon them. You, like always, followed your lawful orders and did your job. Thank you for your service to our nation, and remember, you are a hero.

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