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Rains County Republican Assembly
Paul Brown
Director of Policy, Abolish Abortion Texas
Leslie Wylie
Attorney, Wood County
Christina Drewry
Smith County Precinct Chair, Activist
Rhonda Braudis, Col, USAFR (Ret.)
Texas Humane Legislation Network
LTC Collier is the right person with the right experience and integrity
to be the voice of HD5 citizens. Let's send him to Austin!
Randy Reeves
2023 President, Lindale Republican Club
Anthony Bruner
Smith County Precinct Chair
Phil Casali
Rains County Precinct Chair
Kelly Neidert
Child Advocate and Texan Activist
Chris Drewry
Precinct Chair Candidate
Robert and Carole West, The Five Star Plan


     We are proud to support and endorse Dewey Collier for Texas State House, District 5.  If you are looking for a God, Family, Country, candidate you need look no further than a retired Lt. Col. and a family man that knows how to keep his oath.  When Col. Collier makes a promise, he keeps it, to GOD, his wife, his country, and to you.  

     That would be refreshing, wouldn’t it?

     Robert and Carole West, The Five Star Plan

John McIntyre
Attorney & Ronald Reagan Delegate for 1984 Dallas GOP State Convention
De'Borah Deaz
Convention of States District Captain, SD1, HD5

My name is De’Borah Deaz, formerly County Chair for the Republican Party in Upshur County. I endorse Dewey Collier for House of Representatives. I have known Dewey Collier and his family for over three years. He is a man of strong principles and family values. He served in the military with honor and distinction. In these turbulent times, ie the Colorado ballot issue, I prefer a man with a military background to lead us into the future.

“Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.” - John Adams

Terri Horne
I fully support Dewey Collier for Texas House Representative District 5
Mrs. Linda T. Zepeda: 

Educator, former Titus County Precinct Chair, CRWNT Board Member, Grandmother

     We are living in times when we cannot trust our government, both in Washington D.C. and in Texas! I would wager to guess that some of you vote on the most popular person running because you figure he/she is the best candidate and mainly because you really have not researched for what that candidate stands and how he/she has voted--for or against issues that are highly important to you. Although we conservatives hold the majority in our Texas legislature, we still cannot seem to get our priority issues passed into law, most disappointingly, because many of our so-called Republicans (RINOs) vote against them! They do not want to offend the LGBTQ+ organizations and big tech companies because they would lose their big donations to their campaigns!

     The HD5 incumbent, although claiming to be one of the "most conservative representatives," greatly disappointed us real conservatives since our time at the Texas Republican Convention last year and during this 88th legislative session. Even at the State Convention, Cole most blatantly encouraged our Titus County Republican Chair to vote “NO” against the priority which stated to not allow Democrats to chair committee seats in the Texas State House. When I personally spoke to Cole about this issue, he did his best to try to make me understand why we should have Democrats chair a few seats! Being controlled by House Speaker Dade Phelan and his big-money donations to Cole, Cole is one of the RINO reasons why most of our most conservative priorities did not become law during this 88th legislative session. These last sessions awakened many to the corruption in our legislature!

     I want you to consider most highly a candidate who is truly conservative and will fight for US, my friend, Retired Lt. Col. Dewey Ray Collier II, who is running for the office of Texas House Representative, District 5. Dewey is a Christian, a veteran, and a family man. Please support and encourage Dewey, even if you are not in his District. Our local candidates need our support, especially the ones challenging the establishment incumbents!


Tripple C Ranch
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