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July 15, 2021

Collier Identifies Education as a Key Issue in District Race


Establishment of a non-political and family focused elementary school core curriculum, consisting primarily of science, reading, writing, and Arithmetic, should be a priority. We should withhold elementary aged children from exposure to social studies, world history, humanities, or any other political or progressive filled agenda until after their moral, cultural, and value systems, have been established through the influence of their family unit, and not the government. 

One Texas Many Cultures!

Great video to reflect on. Especially with the constant assaults from the left on our great nation.

August 3, 2021
Files Texas Ethics Commission Documents

Dewey Collier filed with the necessary documents with the Texas Ethics Commission and with the Titus Count Election Commission. The campaign is now eligible to start receiving and spending donations. 

If you want someone who will fight for your children, please click the donation button at the top of this page and help us empower your family to raise your children in a manor that expresses your family values and culture, not the governments.  

One Texas Many Cultures!

How many of you remember this life? This is what life was like before the lefts social engineering and meddling.

August 9, 2021 

The War for America's Soul

Ronald Reagan was correct: freedom isn't free and we are only one generation away from loosing it. What he didn't recognize is the war he was worried about would not be fought on some distant battlefield in some foreign land, but here in the classrooms of America. Not just colleges and universities, but in our elementary and secondary schools. Our innocent children will be the victims of this war. Stand with me to stop the onslaught against our children.

One Texas Many Cultures!

Ronald Reagan didn't realize how right he was!

August 12, 2021

How has Texas addressed Critical Race Theory

In July, 2021, the Texas Senate submitted and passed SB3 targeting and removing politically charged components of curriculum being taught to K-12. This bill, in my opinion, does not go far enough. I hold fast that K-6 should should not be exposed to any social or humanities based programs. 

One Texas Many Cultures!

Understanding Critical Race Theory

August 28, 2021

Cinco deMayo

On Saturday, August the 28th, Mount Pleasant, Texas, celebrated Cinco de Mayo. I understand August 28th is not May 5th and Cinco de Mayo means May 5th. However, May 5th we were still in COVID lockdown and instead of not holding the celebration at all, the community chose to celebrate it at a later date. Anyway, we had a great time! The festival was colorful, had lots of good food, and entertainment. Our campaign spent the whole day talking and celebrating with the community. Can’t wait for the Titus County Fair!

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